Mike to join a Race to Dakar in 2015

Motolombia owner and lead guide Mike Thomsen has been confirmed to participate in the Race to Dakar – Intercontinental Rally in January and February 2015.

Mike is fulfilling a life long dream of riding the iconic route through the Sahara desert from Spain to Senegal as part of the Intercontinental Rally with a last stage on the beaches into Dakar.

This is a huge undertaking as its Mike’s first real Rally and not only a strict diet and training program has been set up, but preparations for the making of the Rally bike are in progress, a KTM Enduro 690 R and the whole adventure will be documented on the web blog www.TeamMotolombia.com for anyone interested in following the preparations and the race.

GET YOUR FACE ON THE RALLY BIKE and be part of the whole event by sponsoring $100 USD or $50 USD and help Mike reach the beaches of Dakar!


BMW MOA 2014 in Minnesota

Again this year Motolombia where present at the yearly BMW owners rally. This year its was held in St. Paul in Minnesota.

We love meeting new and old customer at these events and would be happy to learn about other good motorcycle travel and adventure events around the world. We do both presentations and official stands at rallies to promote our tours in Colombia, but can also show up at dealerships and clubs to tell about our tours.

This year we have already been attending events in Australia, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Spain and of course Colombia.

See you soon some where in the world!


Ulysses Club Rally in Alice Springs, Australia 2014

In May 2014 Motolombia manned a promotion stand at the Ulysses Motorcycle Club’s annual Rally in Alice Springs, Australia.

The Ulysses Club is Australia’s biggest Motorcycle Club and open to members aged 40 and up only.

Mike and Mike met and greeted a ton of friendly and welcoming Aussies and we hope to see many more Australian riders on tour in Colombia in the coming years.


IMG_2787 Video

Enduro in Colombia – Colombian Dirt!

Colombia offer spectacular terrain for Enduro and off-road riding. This include single trails, car tracks, mountain roads, deserts, mud, sand and stones – you name it Colombia’s got it. This video was made during different guided dirt tours we did in 2012. More off-road adventures are in the making. Enjoy the video!