This tour will take you out back to the remotest areas of Colombia where few, if any tourists go. We get rock-star treatment from the super friendly locals as we visit many interesting sites along the way. The huge loop include stops at the laguna La Cocha, Easter Island type sculptures in San Agustin, the Tatacoa desert, an intense ride on the trampoline of death road to Mocoa, the bustling capital city Bogota, El Cocuy’s snow capped peaks at 5,000 meters altitude, the eastern plains – Llanos Orientales, the village of Barichara, the Magdalena River, Guatape and the El Penol monolith rock, party friendly collage town Manizales, the spectacular coffee region and it of course all starts and ends in the laidback Salsa capital of world, the year around tropical warm city – Cali.


Location: Colobmia
Date: November 6, 2020
Duration: 16 Days