+ Add insurance: +$35 USD/day
+ One-way fee Bogota OR Medellin: +$299 USD

If you are looking for a support truck to take you into the outback of Colombia, this is a great mixed terrain master.

(Balance payment due 30 days prior to start)




✓ Rental vehicle in perfect condition

✓ Unlimited mileage

✓ Free route and destination advice

✓ Mandatory 3rd party insurance

✓ Basic Medical Coverage

✓ Emergency Kit

✓ Luggage storage while renting

✓ All taxes (Colombian Nationals + 19% IVA)


✗ Fuel and road tolls

✗ Optional Liability Reduction Insurance

✗ Fully Refundable Security Deposit

✗ Special Authorization to enter Ecuador


» Valid Driver’s License

» Valid Passport with at least 6 months left upon entry 

» 1 year of Driving Experience 

» Minimum 20 years of age 

» Credit Card with sufficient funds to cover Security Deposit Hold


A fully refundable Security Deposit will be held to your credit card for the duration of the rental whether you add or decline the Optional Vehicle Damage and Theft Liability Reduction Insurance.

The size of the Security Deposit depends on the vehicle you choose to rent:

  • TOYOTA HILUX 4X2 = $2,500 USD

(BE AWARE: No vehicle leaves the premises before the Security Deposit hold has been approved on your card. We do not accept cash deposits.)


Before rental:

We strive to handover vehicles in near perfect condition. You will be offered an opportunity to inspect the vehicle before signing off on the condition. Our staff should be informed immediately if there are any issues that seems irregular. Vehicles must be returned in the same condition with only normal wear and tear.


You can lower your responsibility by adding a Vehicle Damage and Theft Liability Reduction Insurance for $30 USD/day. If you damage or lose the vehicle or parts of the vehicle or accessories or need vehicle recovery or assistance due to damages, all repairs and replacements and/or lost time and business and/or price of recovery will be deducted from the Security Deposit or charged to the Credit Card provided as guarantee. Damages are identified as parts that are either broken, bent, dented or profoundly scratched in paint or other materials penetrating the surface to a point where it can not be polished out. Additionally your Credit Card will be charged with no delay for any traffic infraction obtained during the rental or tour, plus a $50 USD administration fee. Such traffic infractions can arrive up to 6 month after the rental. Legal documentation will be provided upon request. 

Return of the Vehicle:

1) Once the Vehicle is returned to Motolombia, we will wash and inspect the vehicle within 3 working days. If you are returning at any other destination the time for inspection will start as soon as the vehicle arrives at Motolombia’s premisses. Consult for transport times.  

2) If the vehicle is returned unharmed, the Security Deposit hold will immediately after inspection get cancelled.

3) If damages to the vehicle are registered, a damage-report with pictures of damages and a quote for the cost of repairs and/or replacement parts will be worked out as fast as possible. Depending on the damage report and the insurance plan chosen, funds to cover damages will be charged to your credit card or deducted from the Security Deposit before a refund is issued.

4) If the vehicle is returned without a full tank of fuel your card will be charged a $15 USD fee, plus the cost of missing fuel.


Mandatory Insurance Included:

A mandatory third party liability insurance is included for all rentals. This insurance covers injury to third party, driver and passenger. It does not cover third party property damage.

Optional Damage and Theft Liability reduction Insurance:

In addition to the included mandatory third party liability insurance, an Optional Damage and Theft Liability Reduction Insurance is available for $30 USD/day on any rental vehicle.

How does it work?

This insurance will limit your responsibility towards loss, damage or theft of the rental vehicle to a set deductible value that is equal to the Security Deposit. Size of deductible depend on the vehicle model. The Optional vehicle Liability Reduction Insurance will cover damages that exceed the deductible. The insurance reduces, but does not eliminate responsibility for damage or theft and it will not protect you if you provide fraudulent information, use the vehicle in connection with conduct that could be properly charged as a felony, drive under influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, use the vehicle in a speed test or contest, or if the vehicle is driven by a person other than the driver authorized on the contract. The driver must additionally comply with all terms and conditions in the rental contract and the local laws. Police or other authorities might demand a blood test in connection with an accident. Result here of might also be used by the insurer to determine insurance settlements. Personal and third party property is not covered by this insurance. The insurance does not cover recovery of the vehicle  in case of un-repairable damages and the renter is solely responsible for all costs involved with returning a damaged vehicle to Motolombia in Cali, Colombia. Motolombia will go above and beyond to help recover damaged vehicle at as low cost as possible and often at no cost at all.


If you DECLINE this insurance you are responsible for the FULL value of the vehicle and all expenses including, but not limited to, recovery, loss, damage or theft of the vehicle.