As a family and business we want to do good. We have worked hard to get to where we are and we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work with what we love for over a decade and be moderately successful in doing so.

Many people are not as fortunate and especially in the many underdeveloped areas of the world where we prefer to travel on our motorcycle tours. 

We feel morally obligated to educate our daughters to appreciate what we have and to help others whenever it is possible.

As the nature of our job, doing thousands of miles every year exposed and in the-thick-of-it as motorcycle riders, we see, smell and feel some real changes to the environment and the negative consequences that we humans are causing.

So, since our early beginnings we have been doing our little share to help fellow humans in need and to try and limit our footprint on mother earth. 

This includes joining programs to plant trees in an effort to offset our carbon emissions, supporting children’s education and doing charitable events to help worthy causes. 

We have a real sense of urgency and a wish to ensure that the planet will remain welcoming to our children and that living conditions will improve for generations to come. 

You can help us bypass expensive charity organisations where huge percentages of donations go to administration and lobby work and donate directly to the needy. We guarantee that your help will go uncut to the causes. We can even arrange to make visits to projects we help on some of our tours if you wish to see with your own eyes.

Join our charity!


During the 2020-21 Covid pandemic we organised a fundraiser in support of about 100 abandoned elderly left on the streets around Cali. With the help our our amazing network of friends, family and wonderful customers we were able to purchase and deliver over a ton and a half of food, personal hygiene items and medicine to help these needy grandparents through a very tough time as Colombian authorities have done nothing to help.

The campaign is still active as the feeding of the 100 elderly never stop and any size donation will go uncut to help them live their final days with a little more dignity. Donate here and we will continue to Race2Aid: